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Introducing The Rising Spiral Bonsai.

A majestic 27 year old Jade tree. Potted in a stunning, gallery quality, hand-made pot.

The solid trunk of this spectacular tree spirals upwards and tapers perfectly at the apex.  This is part of what makes this bonsai a World-Class tree. (Tapering like this takes many years of training and pruning to achieve.)

The Pottery.

Bonsai Pot by American born artist Derek Larsen. (currently living in Kyoto Japan with his wife. Bio and Gallery History)

He is a World renowned ceramic artist—a master potter who frequently shows in galleries across the Globe.
He has honed his skills for more than 20 years now.  Derek practices the art of traditional anagama firing in a Kiln he built himself—on the side of a mountain.

If that’s not awesome enough, he hand-digs the clay out of the ground, chops the wood for the three-day firing and uses no chemical glazes.  Just super-heated ash from the fire.

The Bonsaiii Company is exquisitely lucky to import his one-of-a-kind, world-class ceramics for use as our bonsai pots.

The Specs.

  • Title: The Rising Spiral Jade Bonsai

  • Type of Tree: Dwarf Jade, also known as the Elephant Tree and Baby Jade. (Portulacaria afra)

  • Tree Born on: September 1st, 1990

  • Origin: Central Florida

  • Number of Previous Owners: Two

  • Dimensions: Height 15″ in. – Width 17″ in. – Trunk 2.1″ in – Nebari (root spread) 3.7″ in.

  • Weight: 18 pounds

  • Free Shipping: FedEx or Priority Mail 2-day.

  • Easy Return Guarantee: If you don’t LOVE the bonsai in-person; just return it in the exact same box and shipping method used to send it.  Please do this within 7 days from when you received it. You’ll need pay return shipping, however we’ll pay the original shipping to you.

OWN THIS BONSAI; including Grow Light, Humidity Tray and three-year supply of Magic Bonsai Fertilizer.

Certificate of Authenticity.

This Bonsai also comes with a custom Certificate of Authenticity. It is a hand-signed certificate backed by The Bonsaiii Company, that guarantees its origin, age and tree species.

— Available starting next month —

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